It was much later that the door hit me think the next thing you heard was awake Heather, who was in the room with a robe, looked at me, kissed me, was a taste that made ??her a Tony, said, I I really love, go to bed, so he took me back to our room, where the defense of a joke, she hugged me saying, you're the most wonderful man, and want to know how I felt, and I was fine, what happens joke, it was quiet good and I was very happy, she knew she had to see everything, so I asked xxxstash him what had happened, he said, whether for a meal, and she always reassuring Tony, it was OK for go home, then she asked what I thought of it, and I told him it was a very nice guy that looked like it, that xxxstash to say it was, back, and I was not in sight, he said, to go out and he said he was going to bed early, having to get up early, and slept in the other room, then learned to go to the green light for the future, I said, I should mention that before n When Heather was saying that he had, and I was not there, Tony seemed happy with him, and he relaxed, where thrown into the room and there was kissing her hand the race in which all of them knew I was going with him, and was well until she came out of his cock and she was surprised by the size of it, to limp, but there are still enormous, that scared her xxxstash a little, she was finger while being filmed and so excited and wanted, I had no need to address, half went into the bedroom and engaged, which in our bed martial art that proved to be really, I xxxstash have to say, I took it and went to say that in our bed, both naked, was a lot of foreplay wanted, and he went to her for a long time, he made ??many times in a row and the last peak was huge, xxxstash and could not stand it anymore, he told Tony that suck, stuck his headShe looked up and it was difficult then, she said almost predestined n lasted as long as they could both hands around it and some still out, his fingers would not be enough around him down, and the best thing that could do was joke at the end of her mouth, she did everything possible to give a bubble n and it happened that when passing over them, and touched her vagina in order, tense, has a few problems that come to the right place, and wine, oh my God, my heart, I'm sure I put her lips, I knew I had to try to relax, as I tore my muscles feel different when you feel tense, and kept sinking in me all the way, it was a feeling I will never forget that it was inappropriate to begin with, how deep it was, I do not know what it was when my belly was not so moved that moved back a bit and then pushed me, he called a sharp pain every time he did, then it has faded, else did, then it hasbegan to fuck me, I hope the noise does not wake up I was seeing, and the bed is marked the wall, and when I told her climax, I could stop, I knew that sex could be so, I took the ages then he was sure that was on my knees, my God, who went further, and when he did cum I'm sure you could feel, jumped and pumped a lot of time on me, who was shot a gallon in me until then, but always in bed, xxxstash I felt in a very wet, sticky set, and there was a smell of sex in the room in silence, pampered, I sat on and looked Heather 's body seen the inside of his thighs red pubic hair, tangled, where with courage, which had dried, he had bite marks stiffness in the chest and lower neck, nipples here, stop where, without however, and her clitoris as if it were swollen, my cock was hard put to it and said, I love you, I slipped my hand on her stomach legs apart, my fingers found the lips apart and her pussy still was very open and separations sticky, andt, I'll never know, I started to kiss me by your body as it was down, she sighed and spread her legs, I smell another mans guts, what I do that, I slid my mouth over her clitoris encourage a high price, I licked and sucked, tasting me Tony, who came lower than in her pussy, revealing joke, I broke my tongue, and some rather sticky thread there is a tendency on the lower lip, which was swallowed the pussy, my mouth, I sucked and sticky stuff, I licked my salty musk a little more, gasped and Heather is a soap bubble entered my mouth, pushed much of it, I swallowed it a series of lapping up, I moved around and put my dick in her, it was very loose and sticky when moist and warm, very swollen inside is not near anything that is pumped only a couple of times and I run in was too much for me, I liked , we hugged and kissed and hugged each other say how much I xxxstash lover, we xxxstash slept like the arms,In the morning I awoke for the first time was in bed, I feel a little guilty, down on her after having sex with another man at the time gave me a wonderful feeling, I think after the night had been exhausted, so I left it was quite xxxstash late in the morning I heard the shower, she had raised a cup of coffee ready for them, falling, at first in a lack of sleep the night before, but soon we'll talk about this and my secret that they have always taken care of
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